Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Benefits

Extended Warranty Insurance is a benefit available to eligible Westpac Cardholders. The purpose of the insurance is to extend the manufacturer's New Zealand warranty on goods which you purchase in their entirety on your eligible Westpac Card.

Where the original warranty is between twelve (12) months and four (4) years, the extended warranty period is twelve (12) months, starting from the date the original warranty expires and ending no later than twelve (12) months after commencement of the extended warranty period.

Where the original warranty is more than six (6) months but less than twelve (12) months, then this means the original warranty period is doubled. For example: original warranty period is six (6) months, extended warranty period is six (6) months.

For full details of the terms, conditions, exclusions and eligibility criteria please refer to your policy wording, which can be found here.

You can download a claim form below. Completed claim forms can be sent to warrantyclaims@aig.com.