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Emergency Assistance


In an emergency:

Call us on +64 9 359 1624 or +60 3 2772 5618

We accept reverse charge calls. If reverse charge calls are not available from your locality, costs incurred in contacting Travel Guard can be recovered from AIG. If you are traveling in areas with limited communications infrastructure you are welcome to place test calls to us.

Our email address is

If you are emailing us, please include a phone number we can call you on, if this is available.

Our fax number is +60 3 2178 4480



Other AIG Contacts


General Policy Enquiries:

For all General Enquiries in New Zealand call the AIG call centre on 0800 465 322 during normal business hours (8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday).



Full information about how to submit a claim can be found on the claims page



Our postal address is PO BOX 1745, Shortland St, Auckland 1140.



Our fax number is +64 9 355 3135